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"My kiss of a lifetime hopes to be special!"

Ramesh C. Reddy

Editors note: This is a rebuttal to Rose Afriyie's sex column, "Relationships part two: when to emotionally invest." which appeared in the Pitt News on Sept 06, 2005.

Have you ever received a kiss that you felt was the kiss of a lifetime or have you given someone a kiss that they considered to be the kiss of a lifetime?

Yet, a kiss of a lifetime for me would be during wedding day as I wait upon the Lord to send the right person my way who loves the Lord more than she loves me. In this way, we can have a triangular relationship with the Lord being in the center of our lives.

Why am I even talking about kissing?

In response to Rose Afriyie's sex column, "Relationships part two: when to emotionally invest.", I want to talk about kissing first and then about sex. Kissing itself can be seen as an emotional investment.

I also want to talk about kissing because I saw this awesome movie called ĎPamelaís Prayerí where she prayed to the Lord that if he sent a boy her way that had never kissed another girl before, she would know that is the guy for her. She herself decided to not kiss anyone though peer pressure of her classmates was making it hard.

There is more to this story than what I mentioned but I donít want to give it away so you can watch it. If you want to borrow my copy, you can.

Now, I want to get back to talking about kissing. I feel kissing should wait until after the wedding is performed. By the way, I am not talking about a kiss that a parent gives to their child, a kiss on the cheeks, or even a holy kiss as the Bible talks about. I am talking about romantic kissing.

Wouldnít it be neat to be with someone whose heart is for that special person they wait for without giving themselves physically to anyone else, even with a kiss! I do not think it is a sin to kiss someone before marriage but I want to wait.

I want to save my first kiss and anything sexual for that one special person the Lord sends my way, who would want to be my bride. My hope and prayer is that I can find that special person who would also wait for her kiss to be on my lips and her sexual affection to be with me after marriage.

Sadly, society cheapens sexuality with all the immorality that is associated with it but I believe sex is good because God is the One that blessed sexual activity in the right context. Anything that is good which is abused can become bad or seem bad but that is not what God wants sex to be.

Ask yourself, do you care if someone you love shares themselves physically with another person even if it is just a kiss?

As a guy, if you have a girlfriend and as a gal, if you have a boyfriend would it bother you to see them kissing someone else or if you knew they did that?

More than likely, most people will say, "YES!" But, why should it matter if it was just a kiss. It matters because there is a bond involved in the aspect of kissing too. If a kiss of another person can upset you, think how much more sexual activity can upset you.

The other day I saw a friend of mine crying and I asked her what was wrong?

She told me how people were talking that "all guys cheat on their girlfriends and it is normal"

She just felt so bad of what is happening to society and peopleís non-commitment to one married relationship in faithfulness.

As a guy, would you fit that statement because you have cheated on your girlfriend even if it is just a kiss? I hope not! That goes the same for gals.

Unless a person is obsessed with another person and is so insecure, they do not mind their boy/girl friend talking to other people or spending brief time with others but when it comes to kissing and sexual activity it does matter. It should!

I believe a kiss of a lifetime would be the first kiss given to someone on your wedding day without giving it to anyone else.

When it comes to relationships, it seems like people do not care what they watch on T.V or the movie theaters anymore. The infamous response is that we are not living in the biblical ages anymore and this is the 90ís and the Millennium. This response makes the presupposition that biblical values do not apply in the present. This is far from the truth for Godís Word stands the test of time.

Be faithful with that special person you are going to marry. I think dating is cool as long as it is to get to know a person more without involving acts of intimacy. A person need not give you a kiss or have sex with you for them to let you know that they love you. We all know that but flesh gives way to flesh.

Do you already have that special person in your life that you want to be with the rest of your life?

If you do, that is great but don't take the advice of Pitt News columnist Rose Afriyie who does not seem to have a problem with sex outside of marriage. Research shows that those who have sex before marriage have a higher percentage of breakups and also divorce rate. Do not fall into that category.

Afriyie makes it sound like there is nothing wrong with sex outside of marriage but I beg to differ.

Going back to that special person, if you have not met that special person, donít fret but wait upon the Lord and depend on Him to send that special person your way. I do believe that He will. If you feel, you have messed up, the important thing is to confess, repent, and move on. Our Lord is a God of compassion and His mercies and blessings are new each morning. He will not abandon you and He will continue to love you and help you through.

If you have found that special person you want to live with the rest of your life, why not make a commitment to get married with each other. Get to know each other well and show your love in different ways except physically until marriage.

Believe me, the physical aspect can wait. I have seen a lot of pain that many students have gone through but I have also seen the joy of many students that comes from Godís grace and choosing to be obedient to Him in their lives. You can choose to be the one that obeys God and His commandments. Psalm 19 is an awesome Psalm with principles for relationships too. Valentineís Day is so special for me because it is on that day that many years ago I had given myself to the Lord and acknowledged Him as my Lord and Personal Savior. In essence, on that day I became a CHRISTIAN.

You can make a covenant with your special one that you love them for who they are as a person and are willing to wait until marriage for sex. If you really love the person and want to be with them the rest of your life then you will wait and let them wait.

Kissing and sex are an emotional investment best invested after marriage. Before marriage, it can be a corrupt investment.

In closing, "Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a man commits are outside his body, but he who sins sexually sins against his own body. Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body." (1 Corinthians 6:18-20, NIV)

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