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 Tim Tebow's Ad Against Abortion Promotes Parenthood/Protests!”

Kristen Agnew
Staff Writer

Agnew's Analysis

"Parenthood is... why some animals eat their young!" I laughed when I watched a preview for a new series on NBC.  Parenting was popular during NBC's Olympic coverage. Another commercial's slogan, "P&G, Proud Sponsors of Moms" followed a montage of kids competing in winter sporting events, with Mom cheering in the stands. It was sentimental, appropriate, and supportive of the Olympic spirit.

What's wrong with celebrating parents?  

Apparently a lot is wrong, when a Pro-Life organization does it. This was evidenced by the uproar surrounding the production of a Superbowl commercial, in which a well-known quarterback's mom exclaims how much she loves her son.

"He almost didn't make it into this world" could imply many things to the casual observer:
Were prenatal testing results positive for a birth defect?  Did something go wrong at birth, so that her son's life was at risk?  Or did she contemplate having an abortion early in the pregnancy? 

See for yourself at any major online news source.  

What do moms have to do with the Superbowl, anyway?   

Many women would be offended to hear that their role is just doing their young football player's laundry, driving them to and from practice, or fixing their food. Others take pride in it. Many are avid football fans and go beyond the kitchen to cheer on their local team, of which their son (or daughter!) may or may not be a part. 

Let's face it, though: unless a young man or woman has another committed friend or family member, it is usually moms who bear the grunt of supporting their child's early athletic career.

I have no statistical data to back this assertion
(what percentage of professional athletes had a supportive mother for over 15 years?) --only experiential observations. 

Many state track meets showed me the value of community, as I watched the cheering family members and friends of athletes crossing the finish line. Olympic athletes often thank their parents and coaches for the support they received over the years.

What is more memorable than Michael Phelps' mom waiting expectantly for the results of a race? 

It doesn't take an extensive research study to notice that adult life--of which athletics is only a part--follows birth and nurture.   

Who are we to say that many potential athletes didn't make it out of the womb?

There is no way to predict, "Had this child been a child of rape whether, he or she would have...(insert incredible feat here)" 

There IS reason to say, "Let's be careful how we approach this sensitive subject."  
I've seen insightful comments, uninformed rants, and reactionary statements in response to Focus on the Family's attempt to portray God's work in bringing Tim Tebow into the world, during the most-watched sporting event of the year. 

These range from,
"How dare they promote an agenda? They're ruining America's spirit!" to "Give them a break!  They're entitled to express their opinion- This is what our country is about!"

Some expressed relief that an organization openly supports family values, calling attention to the acceptance of oodles of beer commercials and less-than-family-friendly images often portrayed during Superbowl ad timeslots.  

It is clear that Tim Tebow's parents have vibrant faith in the purpose and value of human life. I have to admit, the commercial itself struck me as a little cheesy.  Criticism aside, I was struck by the humility and character of the Tebow’s parents when I later watched their interview on http://www.FocusOnTheFamily.com - These parents admit they aren't perfect, yet they strive to develop their children's views of the world and their places in it, based on God's grace and Biblical truth. Their desire is to see women decide against aborting a pregnancy, because of their strong convictions that Tim was not an accident, that God had - and still has - a plan for him and for any child.  

I think it's good that the commercial brings thoughts about parenthood to light and offers another perspective in the debate about whether abortion is right or wrong, deserving legal protection or not. Make it about politics, religion, freedom of speech, whatever... when it comes down to it, every mother decides on a daily basis how she is going to protect and serve the vulnerable individual that is her child. Whether this is before or after conception, what she does today impacts a professional career, a nation, or a sport--her own or her unborn child's.   

As polarized as any argument can sound, this subject deserves respectful treatment, a listening attitude and a willingness to consider opinions other than one's own. When we ignore the reasons why women make the choices they do, we under-value their commitments, and we do not help support their lives.

Kristen Agnew is a staff writer with Pittsburgh Standard!

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