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“Power of a Praying Husband Helps Wife Wonderfully!”

Ramesh C. Reddy

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers  (Feb 01, 2014)

Author: Stormie Omartian

 ISBN-13: 9780736957588 

 Language: English 

No. Pages: 272

Audible Listening: 5 hrs 59 minutes


First, before reviewing, "The Power of a Praying Husband" by Stormie Omartian,  I want to take you on my own journey. In our years of courting, I would always pray to the Lord Jesus for Chandraleela. Sadly, after marriage, I was only able to be with my precious wife for only one week before I had to return to the states for work. She had to stay behind for 17 months in India as she waited for her visa. During those months, I would pray for her and with her almost everyday over the phone. When she came to the states, we would pray together many times but it was not consistent on my part.


Recently, I finished 'The Power of a Praying Husband' again and realized how inconsistent I have been when it came to praying for her and with her in different areas of her life.  So with the Lord's help, I chose to change that by praying with her almost every morning before 5:30 am and sending her a Bible verse and blessing before I started work by 6:15 am. I loved those times. But, what was more special and touching for me was when my wife would lay her hands on me and pray for me before work.


You should not need a book to pray for your wife but I am thankful to the Lord for what Omartian shared in her book to make me realize how important it is for a husband to daily pray for his wife and with his wife.


Start of your marriage on the right track. 

What is the most important thing you can do for your wife?

How do you show that you love your wife?

One of the full proof ways of showing love to your wife is praying for her daily.

But, what is even more powerful is laying your hands upon her and praying for her and with her.

I recently finished ‘Power of a Praying Husband’  for a third time.

Every husband should read this book and even use it as a reference to pray for his wife daily.

Omartian does an excellent job in her book addressing topics every husband needs to know about so he can pray for his wife effectively.

You will learn what your primary role as a husband should be.

Not only that but you will learn the the pivotal role prayer plays when it comes to her Spirit, her emotions, her motherhood, her moods, her marriage, her submission, her relationships, her priorities, her beauty, her sexuality, her fears, her purpose, her trust, her protection, her desires, her work, her deliverance, her obedience, and her future.

Omartian uses real life surveys of what wives say that they wish their husbands would do. Not only that but we also learn about testimonies from prominent husbands who have prayed for their wives and the results of those actions.

We are challenged throughout the book about how the husband should take care of his wife.

This is a book you would not want to put down once you open it.

You should not let another day of your marriage go by without reading this book and putting the principles and prayers into practice.

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