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Updated Tue, Sept 26, 2006 at 2:39 a.m. EST



AUG 05 - JULY 06




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Nutrition Exam I Sample Questions Answers"

By Ramesh C.Reddy
Pittsburgh Standard

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Editors Note:
 After spending time in prayer to the Lord Jesus to help me study for the exam, I have prepared my own sample exam multiple choice questions and fill in the blanks in anticipation of the real exam. I wanted to share them with you all on this site to help you study if you think it would be helpful. If you do not know what each term in the multiple choice means, I would go over those terms. Use the glossary in our textbook to help you study including the chapters. Some of the terms do not exist. Also ask yourself why a certain choice cannot be the right choice. If you do not pick an answer there should be a reason why. If you do not know the reason, I would study about those terms/concepts  if they exist.

I do not know if the real exam will be easier than the one I prepared to help me study or if it will be harder. I wrote 50 multiple choice questions for the five chapters. These questions do not cover all the material in the notes or textbook but are a good way to study material you do not know the correct answer to!

Remember, our test does need a bit of memorization since that’s the only way we can get the fill in the blanks right so I would approach the multiple choice questions as fill in the blanks first. If you don’t know the answer, then look at the choices and try to figure out the answer. Have your notes and textbook ready! I do hope it helps you all to study!  Take this sample exam in test conditions and see how well you will do and where you need to brush up on!

1) All of the following are characteristics  for Splenda except

  1. Made from sugar so it tastes like sugar

  2. No unpleasant aftertaste

  3. Contains glucose

  4. Can be used in cooking and baking

  5. Contains a small amount of common food ingredients such as dextrose and/or maltodextrin for volume

2) _________ is the body’s primary source of energy

A. Fructose
B. Sucrose
C. Glycogen
D. Glucose
E. Galactose

3) Emulsifying agent produced by the liver and stored in the gall bladder aids fat digestion and absorption.

A. Amino Acid
B. Cholestrol
C. Mucus
D. Bile
E. Protein

4) Dietary fiber is an indigestible _________ that serves separately as a body regulatory agent.

A. Fat
B. Protein
C. Carbohydrate
D. Acid
E. Amino Acid

5) All of the following are broad based public health goals of Healthy People 2010 except…

A. Treating diseases
B. Increase in the span of a healthy life
C. Reduction in health disparities
D. Access to preventive health care services
E. All of the above

6) A nutritionist is a
A. Registered Dietitian
B. Clinical Nutrition Specialist
C. Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)
D. Certified Nutrition Support Dietitian (CNSD)
E. None of the above

7) Less than ________ percent of kcal should be from saturated fat

A. 20
B. 35
C. 10
D. 25
E. 15

8) A non caloric artificial fat made from sucrose and fatty acids; formerly polyester

A. Olestra
B. Olean
C. Nutra Sweet
D. Aspartame
E. Both A & B

9) In this diet, dairy products are used to complement basic diet of plant foods.

A. Lacto-ovo vegetarian
B. Lacto-vegetarian
C. Ovo- vegetarian
D. Vegan
E. Partial Vegetarian

10) When it comes to alcoholic beverages, drinking should be done in moderation where the maximum drinks per day should be

A. 1 for women, 2 for men
B. 2 for women, 3 for men
C. 2 for women, 1 for men
D. Men and women should drink the same
E. None of the above

11) To prevent chronic disease you need to engage in physical activity of ______ on most days.

A. 90 min
B. 60 min
C. 30 min
D. 15 min
E. 10 min

12) Total fat intake should be

A. 45 – 65% of total calories
B. 20 – 35% of total calories
C. 30-45% of total calories
D. 10 – 25% of total calories
E. 40% - 60% of total calories

13) Overweight and obesity are major risk factors for diseases such as

A. Colin Cancer
B. Diabetes
C. Lung disease
D. Thyroid Cancer
E. None of the Above

14) When it comes to sodium, for a healthy diet, sodium should be limited to

A. 4000 mg/day
B. 3000 mg/day
C. 2400 mg/day
D.2300 mg/day
E. 2200 mg/day

15) Recommended intake of fiber should be

A. 15 – 25 g/day
B. 25 – 35 g/day
C. 35 – 45 g/day
D. 20 – 35 g/day
E. 45 – 65 g/day

16) Eat legumes (beans) which are part of both the meat group and the vegetables group at least

A. Twice a week
B. Once a week
C. 5 times a week
D. 4 times a week
E. Thrice a week

17) Consume ______ cups per day of fat-free or low-fat milk or equivalent milk products

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5

18) A whole grain is a food to increase that contains

A. Bran, ectosperm, germ
B. All bran, ectosperm, germ
C. Bran, endosperm, germ
D. Bran, endosperm, virus
E. None of the Above

19) Eat ______ whole grain products per day that are enriched or whole grain products

A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
E  6

20) Several times a week, you need to eat vegetables from this many subgroups

A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6
E. 7

21) For most people, the recommended intake is about ____ cups of fruit and _____ cups of vegetables per day!

A. 2, 2.5
B. 3, 3.5
C. 4, 4.5
D. 1, 2.5
E. 2.5, 2

22) Limit all of the following in your diet except

A. Saturated and Trans fats
B. Sugar and Salts
C. Cholesterol
D. Fiber
E. Alcohol

23) Provide substantial nutrients and relatively fewer calories

A. Protein foods
B. Nutrient foods
C. Nutrient-dense foods
D. Fatty foods
E. None of the above

24) Anabolic process of converting extra glucose into glycogen is called

A. Catharisis
B. Metabolism
C. Anabolism
D. Glycogenesis
E. Catabolism

25) Foods such as potato chips, tortilla chips, snack crackers use a fat based replacer called

A. E-Z Trim
B. Z- E Trim
C. Aspartame
D. Olestra
E. None of the Above


26) Poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle are major causes of _______ in the U.S.

A. Obesity
B. Death
C. Overnutrition
D. Malnutrition
E. None of the above

27) The 2005 dietary guidelines encourage most Americans to

A. Eat fewer calories
B. Be more active
C. Make wiser food choices
D. All of the Above
E. None of the Above

28. This type of carbohydrate is a vital emergency fuel for heart muscle.

A. Glycogen
B. Triglyceride
C. Glucogenesis
D. Glucose
E. Fructose

29. You eat 2400 calories in a day and want to find out how much is  from protein when you take in 60 g of protein, what would it be?
A. 5%
B. 10%
C. 15%
D. 20%
E. 25%

30. If a person weighed 220 lbs and you want to find their recommended protein intake, what would you do?

  1. Divide pounds by 2.2 to convert to kilograms, multiply by 0.8g/kg

  2. Multiply pounds by 2.2 to convert to kg, divide by 0.8g/kg

  3. Multiply pounds by 2.2 to convert to kg, multiply by 0.8 g/kg

  4. Multiply pounds by 0.8 to convert to kg, divide by 2.2

  5. None of the above

31. Breaking down of larger substances into smaller units is called

A. Catabolism
B. Metabolism
C. Anabolism
D. Botulism
E. None of the Above

32. The sum of body processes that change our food energy from the three energy nutrients.
A. Anabolism
B. Catabolism
C. Metabolism
D. Alcoholism
E. None of the above

33. Most is reabsorbed and recycled while the rest can be trapped by fibers in the large intestine and carried out of the body with feces.

A. Carbohydrates
B. Cholesterol
C. Bile
D. Protein
E. None of the Above

34. Most of the hydrolysis of triglycerides occurs in the

A. Mouth
B. Stomach
C. Small Intestine
D. Large Intestine
E. Bile

35. In the _______, glycogen reserves protect cells from depressed metabolic function.

A. Bile
B. Liver
C. Small Intestine
D. Large Intestine
E. Stomach

36. Reserve fuel supply and basic fuel supply are the function of

A. Fats
B. Proteins
C. Vitamins
D. Minerals
E. Carbohydrates

37. Used when not enough evidence to establish the RDA


38. Dietary intake of nutrients that meets the needs of almost all healthy individuals


39. Little fat digestion occurs in the

A. Liver
B. Bile
C. Mouth
D. Stomach
E. Small Intestine

40. Digestion in the small intestine is where pancreatic amylase converts the carbohydrate starch to

A. Glucose and Sucrose
B. Fructose and Glucose
C. Maltose and Sucrose
D. Fructose and Sucrose
E. Glucose and Malatose

41. Digestion in the small intestine where mechanical digestion rolls food in a spiral motion, exposing new surfaces for absorption

A. Peristaltic Waves
B. Pendular Movements
C. Segmentation Ring
D. Metabolism
E. Longitudinal Rotation

42: Two incomplete proteins equal

  1. Complementary protein

  2. Complete protein

  3. Incomplete protein

  4. Super protein

  5. None of the above

 43. Incomplete proteins are considered to be in

A. Animal proteins
B. Soy proteins
C. Most plant proteins
D. Gelatin
E. Both C & D

44. Functions of fat in the body

A. Provides a backup energy supply for the body that can be used when carbs are low
B. Supplies essential nutrients in the form of fatty acids to the body, which are necessary for proper functioning
C. Increases one’s feeling of fullness after eating
D. All of the Above
E. None of the Above

45. Functions of fat in the body serve

A. 5 functions
B. 6 functions
C. 7 functions
D. 8 functions
E. 9 functions

46. For men and women 50 and younger, fiber intake should be

A. 38 g for men, 25 for women
B. 30 g for men, 21 for women
C. 10 g for men, 20 g for women
D. 20 g for men, 10 g for women
E. 25 for women, 38 for men

47. This is the essential base for all metabolic processes

A. Vitamins
B. Water
C. Carbohydrates
D. Proteins
E. Fats

48. Digestion in the mouth and esophagus has a chemical digestion when these glands at the back of the tongue secrete a lingual lipase

A. Salivary glands
B. Adrenaline glands
C. Ebner’s glands
D. Mucus glands
E. Pituitiary glands

 49. Digestion in the mouth and esophagus has a mechanical digestion when this breaks down food.
A. Constipation
B. Mastication
C. Lubrication
D. Both a and b
E. Both a and c

50. Body protein has a source of energy of

A.  9 kcal/g
B. 6 kcal/g
C. 3 kcal/g
D. 4 kcal/g
E. 5 kcal/g

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