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Clinton wants Kerry who stands for immoral issues, do you?

Former president William Clinton spoke at the Democratic Convention putting down the Bush Administration. He wanted listeners to know that the Republicans want a divided America while they want a united America.

Clinton was a disgrace in the White House and now wants John Kerry to win the race. With the Republicans, Democrats or any party in power, we can never have a united America. What Kerry will give you is not a united America but an immoral America.  Kerry-Edwards ticket wants to focus on so many issues but loves to ignore the moral issues of the land.

When it comes to abortion, the Kerry platform is pro-choice. Kerry himself stated in an interview that life begins at conception and yet he does not stand up for the innocent babies being slaughtered in the name of abortion. He loves to give himself to the support of Planned Parenthood.

Kerry talked about living the faith and they are a party of values that America can be proud about! If slaughtering innocent babies by using abortion as a convenience are values America can be proud about, Kerry needs to reread Scripture that forbids abortion time after time. You do not need to be Catholic to understand the travesty of abortion and yet Kerry wants women to choose to kill their unborn if they choose. We do not need someone who stands for an immoral issue in office.

If males marrying males and females marrying females are values America can be proud about, Kerry’s philosophy of values and those who support him need a major transformation.

The Kerry campaign wants to talk about all issues except speaking out against issues that are immoral. Abortion and Gay marriage are two of the major issues that need to be abolished in this nation. Kerry will not give you that option. If you are looking for a president who supports moral rot within the nation, then Kerry is your guy. If you however want a president who supports morality and traditional American values, then say no to Kerry.

There are so many issues facing the nation this election time but it is important to realize when moral issues are tackled head on, the nation will be in a better footing. To make that happen we need a president that will prevent courts from having activist justices on the bench but those who will uphold what the Constitution really was meant for.  When there is moral rot within the leadership of a nation, the nation suffers more.

It is time to say ‘yes’ to the ticket of Bush-Cheney. What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul is a Bible verse. Kerry wants to be a friend for all and in the process he compromises where he stands on issues to receive people’s votes. Bush however has not changed his ideals on what he believes in. Morality is what keeps a nation stable and everything else will fall in place. Without morality what kind of nation will we be!

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