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Best of the Pittsburgh Standard Sections of 2001-2002

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Students vote matters

Pittsburgh Standard

For starters, we want you to know that you matter and your vote counts in the larger scheme of things. It can be easy to think that you are just one person and what can your vote do, but you have the power to boot someone out of office or allow them to make a grand entrance. You have the right to vote and you can make it count. Yes, you maybe just one person who decides to go out and vote but all the 1ís add up and eventually thousands come to the poll to vote.

Never think your vote does not count and whatís the use because if everybody thought that way then nobody would vote and then you lose the democratic process of electing somebody. Eventually, what would happen is special interest groups would cast only votes for their candidates who can help them.

What about your needs and concerns? Who would address them if only special interest candidates take office? We need candidates who care for a larger spectrum of the population and not just their constituencies. Your vote can make sure that happens regardless of what the elections are.

A single vote not cast could cause ramifications in the long run for people. English became the official language over German in the United States because of a single vote. What we have shared apply to national elections too.

You can change that with your vote and make sure that every candidate that is running has a fair chance of getting elected whether they are part of a larger organization or not if the issues they are running on can benefit the student population over other candidates that are running.

If you are not part of a special interest group and do not vote, you will help continue the trend that has occurred  in elections which is Ďspecial interest groups rarely loseí.

Our hope is that you donít just vote based on the racial, gender, and special interest lines of the candidates. If you are Black, please donít feel obligated to vote for a Black candidate if you feel a candidate of another color will do a better job. If you are a woman, please donít feel obligated to vote for a woman candidate if you feel a male candidate will do a better job.

Remember you are nobodyís puppet and nobody can run you. You have a free will and free choice to choose your candidate based on their platform. If you vote only out of a sense of obligation then you as an individual cannot make as much of an impact than if you vote on issues regardless of the candidates.

So we hope whether you vote!!!

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