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Reddy's crazy NFL final rankings  after week 17

Ramesh C. Reddy
Editor in Chief

Reddy’s NFL Crazy Rankings are based on a point system. Each team that won their first NFL Game starts out with 10 pts for their win.

The following week, when a team plays their opponent and wins against a winning or losing team, they get the teams winning percentage points of the previous week. If a team keeps beating a winning team, their percentage of points will be higher than if they beat a losing team. 

If a team plays an opponent and loses, they do not get any points for that week. Each week the points are tabulated and based on the points, I pick the top 10 teams of the NFL for that week including where all the other teams stand.

If there is a tie in the point system, the net difference in their PF/PA is calculated and the team that has the highest net difference of points breaks the tie unless their record is better than the other teams with the same point system. If the tie continues, the team that won most games away from home would get the tie breaker. If it continues, it is based on their conference record, and then their division record.

 They are called Reddy’s Crazy Rankings, because I am ready to take an undefeated team out of the Top 10 if their wins came against losing teams. Hopefully, these rankings will show who really are in the hunt to be Superbowl Contenders and who really are in the hunt to be Superbowl Pretenders as December and January approaches.

© 2002 Pittsburgh Standard

Reddy's Reasonings After Week 17:

NFLWk17 NFL Team Record Pts Percent NFLWk16
1 Oakland Raiders 11,5 676 68% 4
2 New Orleans Saints 9,7 632 56% 1
3 San Diego Chargers 8,8 630 50% 2
4 Green Bay Packers 12,4 629 75% 3
5 Miami Dolphins 9,7 609 56% 5
6 Philadelphia Eagles 12,4 602 75% 6
7 Denver Broncos 9,7 569 56% 7
8 Tennessee Titans 11,5 559 68% 8
9 Pittsburgh Steelers 10,5,1 520 65% 10
10 New York Jets 9,7 519 56% 15
11 N.E Patriots 9,7 504 56% 14
12 Indianapolis Colts 10,6 498 62% 13
13 Kansas C Chiefs 8,8 490 50% 9
14 Atlanta Falcons 9,6,1 463 59% 11
15 San Fran 49ers 10,6 460 62% 12
16 New York Giants 10,6 387 62% 20
17 TB Bucs 12,4 370 75% 16
18 St Louis Rams 7,9 367 43% 19
19 Buffalo Bills 8,8 344 50% 18
20 Cleveland Browns 9,7 338 56% 24
21 Washington Redskins 7,9 337 43% 21
22 Baltimore Ravens 7,9 331 43% 17
23 Minnesota Vikings 6,10 305 37% 23
24 Seattle Seahawk 7,9 302 43% 27
25 Jacksonvile Jaguars 6,10 280 37% 22
26 Houston Texans 4,12 271 25% 25
27 Dallas Cowboys 6,10 255 37% 26
28 Arizona Cardinals 5,11 216 31% 28
29 Carolina Panthers 7,9 196 43% 31
30 Chicago Bears 4,12 183 25% 29
31 Detroit Lions 4,12 177 25% 30
Bengals 2,14 92 12% 32

Unfortunately, strength of schedule victory was not enough for 4 out of the top 10 teams in my rankings as they fell from the playoffs:

#2 New Orleans Saints (9-7) with 632 points.
What took the Saints over the 600 point mark was their record of 5-0 against top teams but what made them stumble from the playoffs was their 3 consecutive losses to last place teams.

#3 San Diego Chargers (8-8) with 630 points.
What took the Chargers over the 600 point mark was their record of 6-1 to start the season but injuries prevented them from making a run into the playoffs and finished the last 9 games with a 2-7 record.

#5 Miami Dolphins (9-7) with 609 points.
Miami went over the 600 mark with its big win over the Oakland Raiders but then stumbled to the Minnesota Vikings and the New England Patriots and got eliminated from the playoffs. A win would have helped them win their division but they could not hold off the defending Super Bowl Champions from making a comeback.

#7 Denver Broncos (9-7) with 569 points.
Denver Broncos had their division in sight until their devastating losses toward the end of the season to eliminate them from the playoffs even though they got wins against top teams earlier in the season.

It just shows that strength of schedule victories are not beneficial sometimes, for teams in the long run, if they are not complemented with a winning percentage. That will happen if teams lose to teams they are not supposed to lose. The classic example are the Saints.

Yet, a higher winning percentage with a lower strength of schedule victory points will show us which teams are likely to stumble in the first round of the playoffs.

Top 10 teams that made the playoffs are:

#1 Oakland Raiders (11-5) with 676 points.
#4 Green Bay Packers (12-4) with 629 points.
#6 Philadelphia Eagles (12-4) with 602 points.
#8 Tennessee Titans (11-5) with 559 points.
#9 Pittsburgh Steelers (10-5-1) with 520 points.
#10 New York Jets (9-7) with 519 points.

Teams out of the top 10 that have made the playoffs are

#12 Indianapolis Colts (10-6) with 498 points
#14 Atlanta Falcons (9-6-1) with 463 points
#15 San Francisco 49er's (10-6) with 460 points
#16 New York Giants (10-6) with 387 points
#17 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (12-4) with 370 points
#20 Cleveland Browns (9-7) with 338 points

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