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Posted on Mon, July 14, 2008 at 3:35 p.m. EST



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By Ramesh C.Reddy
Pittsburgh Standard

Monday, July 14, 2008

The cereal surprise of PGSIS 2008
Has come to you on this July 14th date
As I love turning to Jesus Christ in faith
And going to Oakland International Fellowship as I wait
For the Sunday 10 a.m. service with Kate (females) or Nate (males)
Now cereals are offered with different kinds of nutritional rate
So enjoy before it becomes late
And you have to exit the Cathedral Café gate

Here come Honey Nut Cheerios for ROSIE
Whether or not she is nosy
She is joined by THOMAS, IAN and NICK
Who also same favorites decided to pick
Let us not forget MEGHAN, SARA, MINROSE, and AMANDA too
Who the same favorites decided to woo
Honey Nut Cheerios are also a friend of MARK
Honey we would not have had without Noah building Jehovah’s Ark
But now Honey Nut Cheerios can also be enjoyed by LYNDSEY
And I got to see the Steelers go to Super Bowl XL after beating CINCY
Both involved the number 40
After the flood stopped and Steelers won the Superbowl, there was a party

MAYA loves Shredded Wheat
Her they are so pleased to meet
Unlike Jonah who felt the heat
As a whale him decided to eat
Until he prayed and got back on his feet
Being spit out of the whale’s teeth

Here come the Special K with Red Berries
Which are definitely healthy compared to Ben and Jerry’s
They are met by their fans ELIZABETH and CHOA
Enjoying the fruit from God’s creation now
And hopefully come praise with the exclamation wow!

Granola has come first for JOSH
In milk they want him to give them a wash
Then they want to hang out with STEVEN
Who also loves them even

There is snow in July with Frosted Flakes
Falling into the milk lakes
God’s creation makes
Make sure the Frosted Flakes no one bakes
The Frosted Flakes have not forgotten GRACE
Who loves to the Lord’s path trace
And run victoriously the race
Set before her by the Lord’s ways

Did you hear about the Rice Krispies?
I wonder if they are eaten by the Gypsies
Here they are loved by JULIANNA
Reminds me when Jehovah for 40 years rained down Manna
Also loved by CHARNA in this case
Who finally comes back to the Cathedral Café base

Sail with Captain Crunch
With ELSA, and ERIC before brunch
On the watery seas created before day seven
Giving H20 for all of us including KEVIN
By the Lord of earth and Heaven
All of you including LAURA
Can read all about it in the Torah

Now let us meet Waffle Crisp loved by LOC
They can be eaten whether you stand or walk
Love eating them, as I regarding Jesus talk
For Jesus is my Salvation and my Rock
Even when my faith many in this world mock
When I had opened the door of my heart to the Lord’s knock

AARON and JOELLEN love Life
It hopes to satisfy without creating strife
Being also eaten by FRANK
Who makes sure in milk they sank
But his allegiance is to the Lamb of God with the highest rank
Opening an account with Heaven’s bank
Life is also loved by LEAH
Who the cereal loves to see ya
Let us not forget it’s also the favorite of KYLE
Who can find it in the surprise aisle
From the register it is closer than one mile
Waiting to be interacted with the rest of the pile
To be continued on the next cereal dial
While you wait check out the Hunger Banquet from that day
Being streamed at a password protected site I want to say
At http://www.pittsburghstandard.com/PGSIS2008/PGSIS2008HungerBanquet.htm way
Access it with username: hungerbanquet@pittsburghstandard.com w/o pay
The password is 2008pgsis2008 as the correct ray


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