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 “Pink For The Day!

Kristen Agnew

Senior Staff Writer

Agnew's Analysis

Sunday, 7:15 am: Eat a scrambled egg and jelly toast for breakfast.
7:35 am: Tie on the running shoes.
7:40 am: Leave Bloomfield in my fiancé's car.
7:55 am: Run over to the tent city on Flagstaff Hill.
8:35 am: Miss my race.

The sea of pink at the 2010 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure reminds me that I am not alone in my fight for survival. Navigating the crowd, I know I am not as brave: unlike those who have been through radiation treatments, surgeries, and rounds of chemotherapy, I can only imagine what it is like to know that there is a mass of cells ravaging healthy tissue in my body. I worry what it might cost. But it is not enough to examine the plight of neighbors fighting breast cancer from a distance, Pittsburgh knows. Our city cares about the Cure.

Click picture for musical slideshow footage before the race!

I couldn't help but be impressed by the mass of people that this year's race drew. The flamingos, the decorated hats, the yard flags along the race route were all signs of their perseverance. A Survivor's Parade started off the event, giving hope. There were signs of joy, with friends reuniting. Kids cheered. A serious disease was represented by "Save the Ta-tas" or another slogan that wouldn't fly in a workplace, but made me laugh. The diverse event drew thousands of families, friends and coworkers who are all connected to the battle in some way.

As my frustration subsided over not receiving my registration packet in time, I stepped out of lines and started to enjoy the ability to observe the event at a slower pace. The 5K Walk was just beginning! It was fun hearing the Slumdog Millionaire theme "Jai Ho" reverberate through the speakers, as we walkers snaked along the road to the starting line. And what an appropriate chant, given the song's Hindi translation: "Victory to you," as composer A.H. Rahman has explained. The crowd cheered for the 5K competitors, who were now sprinting to finish.

Click picture for musical slideshow footage during the race!

Kids in strollers and on parents' shoulders squinted under the sun, while I shivered in the cold breeze. The shade of Schenley Park engulfed us as we gave our reasons for walking, "my friend Tina" or "Grandma" were all remembered. We laughed with the group of coworkers we met, talked about our plans, and walked the neighborhood, serenaded by a front-yard band or startled by barking dogs.

The painted pink poodle showed its owner's spirit back at tent city. Turkey Hill gave out free cups of ice cream. Rita's Italian Ice and Schwebel's advertised with coupons, inviting us to enjoy their products. UPMC and a local radio station voiced their support. Oakland was alive on a normally quiet morning.

Click picture for musical slideshow footage  of the sponsors!

My fear of someday "getting cancer" is starting to be replaced with a joyful sense of unity, of peace, and of knowing that no matter what pain I would need to endure, I will not be alone.

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