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Religious Rights Reassured; Religious Rights Restored!”

Ramesh C. Reddy

Have any of you been ridiculed for your religious beliefs?

I know that I have been!

Have any of you been persecuted for your religious beliefs?

I know that I have been!

Ridicule and persecution can come in different ways. For some, it could be losing their job, losing their lives, losing their reputations, etc. It is not a fun feeling to be at the receiving end but we should never, ever give in to people or the government who want to trample your religious rights.

As a follower of Christ, I never let peoples' ridicule, ostracization, or even publications against me to stop me. On the contrary, if I held to a belief that was biblical, I would stand on that belief without giving into anyone. It did not matter to me whether they were professors, students, journalists, managers, etc.

To be accepted by others, I never sacrificed my love for the Lord Jesus. My love for Jesus had to be paramount.

Did it make life easy for me?

Not necessarily, but I wanted to share my views from an Evangelical Biblical perspective where following the Word of God and Jesus Christ was paramount. With that in mind, I wanted people to know about Jesus and the Bible, about law and morality, so I took action in my classes and in my writings.

The experiences I share with you are mostly from when I was a student.

 One day I met a former instructor of mine who told me something to the effect that these days no one participated in class like I did. The class had to do with law & morality. Whether it was concerning abortion, homosexuality, etc, I always spoke up against abortion, homosexuality, etc defending morality even if I was the only student speaking against them because I wanted to take a stand. My stand was based on Biblical principles. These days we are so afraid of 'what other people would say or think of us', 'are we politically correct' etc, even if we are speaking the Truth from Scripture in love. That is not taking a stand. Let us be BC (Biblically Correct) than PC (Politically Correct).

In Philosophy class, I was asked to write a paper, "If you could be invisible and no one could see what you do, how would you live your life?"

I got a C on the paper because I used the Bible as my source of morality to state invisible or visible would not change my way of living because God still watches everything I do and I am responsible to Him.

"For God is closely watching you, and he weighs carefully everything you do." (Proverbs 5:21, TLB)

In poetry class, I wrote poems called 'Bible Academy I', 'Bible Academy II: Armour of God', and  'Bible Academy III: Fruit of the Spirit'

For the Pitt News, I wrote Evangelical columns against homosexuality and different issues from a biblical perspective while exhibiting the love of Christ. My column on homosexuality was titled, "With love homosexuality can be cured!". It broke the number of letters to the editor and because of my Evangelical columns, I was told that I was the most hated person on campus. Showing the love of Christ through my writings made many still hate me because I was giving them the Word of God and ways for Biblical living that they felt were outdated. So, anti-Ramesh columns were printed in the Pitt News where eventually a moratorium was put on anti-Ramesh columns. It did not stop me from sharing Evangelical columns. It all came to an end when a letter to the editor ostracized the Pitt News for publishing my Evangelical columns stating, 'If he wants to publish Evangelical columns, let him write for a Christian newspaper'. The Pittsburgh Standard came and asked me to join their staff. Later, I was able to get the rights to the paper to run it online from a Biblical perspective.

When I went to football games and it was broadcast on ABC, my sign would be 'All Believe Christ'; if it was broadcast on CBS, my sign would be 'Christ Brings Salvation'; if it was broadcast on NBC, my sign would be 'Now Believe Christ'.

For one game, I even wore a T-shirt with a poem I wrote that stated,
Ramesh is my name
Serving the Lord is my game
Christ did not come for fame
But to save you and me from the flame
So give Him a start

By giving Him your heart
So Satan's fiery arrows you can dart
And Jesus can do His part.

I was definitely ridiculed and made fun of!

What I have gone through in those days is nothing compared to what religious people have gone through during the Obama-Biden administration. There was a terrible assault on their religious liberties and freedom. 

So even though, I despised Trump's attitude, I knew he would be a tranformational leader that put policies to protect the unborn and religious liberties. With my nose closed, I voted for Trump in 2016 as the lesser of two evils.

When Trump became the 45th president of the United States he did not disappoint! 'Religious rights reassured; religious rights restored' became the hallmark of his administration.

The persecutions Christians faced because of the Obama-Biden administration throughout the USA and the killings they faced throughout the world from ISIS, etc changed with the Trump administration. Trump administration cared more for religious liberty and freedom than any administration other than the Reagan administration, I can think of.

Do we want to move forward with religious liberty or backward with religious liberty?

Electing Trump-Pence will take us forward with religious liberty and freedom while electing Biden-Harris will take us backward. I kid you not! You have to look no further than the Democratic National Convention where they rarely wanted to even use the word 'God'. They eliminated God from the 'Pledge of the Allegiance' too.

Is it a Biden-Harris ticket you want just because you hate Trump's personality?

I hope not! The previous two articles will share on personality and promises in the side bar!

If Biden did not stop the persecution of Christians by ISIS which included horrible deaths, during the Obama administration, what makes you think he will stop things now?

If Biden took money from China, what makes you think he will be hard on China?

The Trump administration has already shown what they have done to restore religious liberty and freedom throughout the world since 2016.

When I see the accomplishments, my prayer is more and more people would vote for the Trump-Pence ticket now through Tues, Nov 03, 2020.

The Family Research Council researched all the Trump administrations accomplishments at from which I will focus on religious liberty and religious freedom for USA and people of the world.

"On April 7, [2017], President Trump's nominee Neil Gorsuch was confirmed to the Supreme Court. Justice Gorsuch has already developed a reputation as an originalist who will rule the right way on religious issues."

"On May 04, [2017], President Trump signed an Executive Order Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty (known as the "Religious Liberty Executive Order"), broadly setting forth religious liberty as a policy priority of the administration, and requiring all federal agencies to take action to protect it. The order also more specifically addressed conscience protections, forthcoming guidance from the DOJ, and religious liberty in the context of free speech."

"On September 07, [2017], DOJ filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court defending the religious freedom rights of baker Jack Phillips in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission. This filing is representative of other actions defending religious freedom taking place throughout the Trump administration DOJ."

"On October 06, [2017], DOJ issued guidance and an implementing memo (as instructed by the Religious Liberty Executive Order) to all federal agencies explaining religious freedom law and how religious liberty must be protected. This guidance laid out a broad defense of religious liberty based on multiple statues and provided each federal agency with guidelines for protecting religious liberty."

 "On October 06, [2017], the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) proposed two regulations to deal with the Obamacare "HHS contraceptive mandate" that for years violated conscience and religious liberty. These new regulations excempt organizations that have moral or religious objections to purchasing insurance that includes coverage of contraceptives and abortion -causing drugs and devices." (EF19L01.pdf from Family Research Council)

"On January 16, [2018], DOJ filed an amicus brief with the District Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia on behalf of the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. The Archdiocese had wanted to promote a religious message during the Christmas holiday but, had been denied advertising space within the District's public transit system."

"On January 18, [2018], DOJ filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court in Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue defending the First Amendment rights of parents and students who attend a religious school, to participate in a private school scholarship program."

"On January 18, [2018], HHS announced a new Conscience and Religious Freedom Division within its Office of Civil Rights (OCR). This new division was established to enforce federal laws that protect conscience rights and religious freedom."

"On January 24, [2018], Sam Brownback was confirmed as U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom. In choosing Brownback for this role, President Trump demonstrated the administration's commitment to religious freedom by choosing someone with gravitas and experience on the issue."

"On April 26, [2018], Mike Pompeo was confirmed as Secretary of State. In choosing Pompeo for this position, President Trump chose someone who cares deeply about religious liberty and will make it a priority to see the issue advanced through this administration."

"On April 30, [2018], during a press conference with Nigeria's president, President Trump raised the issue of religious freedom and the killing of Christians in that country - bringing attention to an issue that had largely been rejected by other government officials."

"On June 13, [2018], DOJ announced the Place to Worship initiative, designed to increase enforcement and public awareness of the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUPIA). This federal law protects places of worship and other religious uses of property. Through this initiative, federal prosecutors will receive training about legal protections for houses of worship."

"On July 24-26, [2018], the State Department held the first-ever Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom. Political and civil society leaders from around the world gathered in Washington, D.C. for a three-day summit to discuss religious freedom issues and solutions. The Potamac Declaration, issued at the Ministerial, made a strong statement about the state of religious freedom around the globe and provided a plan of action for promoting global religious freedom. The U.S. also announced the International Religious Freedom Fund (to provide emergency assistance to victims of religiously motivated discrimination and abuse around the world) and the Genocide Recovery and Persecution Response Initiative (which has provided  nearly $373 million to help persecuted ethnic and religious minorities in northern Iraq restore their communities). The U.S. was among 25 countries who signed a statement condemning terrorism and the abuse of religious believers by non-state actors."

"On July 30, [2018], DOJ announced a Religious Liberty Task Force to fully implement religious liberty guidance and policy across all components of the DOJ."

"On August 01, [2018], the Trump administration relied on Executive Order 13818 (which builds on Global Magnitskly Act authority) to sanction two Turkish officials over the detention of American pastor Andrew Brunson due to his Christian faith. This Executive Order ultimately resulted in Pastor Brunson's releases."

"On November 07, [2018], HHS finalized its two regulations to protect conscience and religious liberty from long-running problems with the Obamacare "HHS contraceptive mandate." These two final regulations exempt organizations with either a moral or religious objection to purchasing insurance with coverage of contraceptives and abortion-causing drugs and devices."

"On December 26, [2018], DOJ filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court defending a publicly-displayed cross-shaped veteran's memorial that had been challenged as a violation of the Establishment Clause. This position is representative of the Trump administation's orginalist approach to the Constitution concerning First Amendment rights and other issues. Such an approach results in legal analysis that interprets the law rather than injecting policy preferences into it."

"On January 18, [2019], HHS notified California that its law requiring pregnancy resource centers to post notices about how to obtain an abortion violated the pro-life Weldon and Coates-Snowe Amendments. This marks the first time that the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division at HHS found a state in violation of these laws. This demonstrates the administration's commitment to enforcing conscience protections and its pro-life priorities." (EF19L01.pdf from Family Research Council)

"On March 08, [2019], U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback criticized China's poor religious freedom record in a speech he delivered in Hong Kong."

"On May 02, [2019], HHS announced a final rule to expand the structure in which federal conscience laws are enforced. In 2011, President Obama issued a rule that enforced only three federal conscience provisions. The new regulation under President Trump covers 25 exisiting statues, which will be enforced by the new Conscience and Religious Freedom Division, part of the HHS OCR."

"On July 16-18, [2019], the State Department held the second Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced a new global initiative, the International Religious Freedom Alliance, meant to provide a way for like-minded countries to work together to advance religious freedom. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai gave a compelling speech condemning the use of technology to track and control the lives of religious minorities. The United States was among 14 signatory countries on a statement of concern about technology and religious freedom. The U.S. was also one of 34 countries that signed a statement of concern on counterterrorism as a pretext for the repression of religious freedom; one of 27 countries that signed a statement condemning blasphemy, apostasy, or other laws taht restrict religious freedom; and was one of 46 countries that signed a statement that called upon government officials to condemn attacks on places of worship and to work with religious communities to protect these places. At this event, the State Department and USAID also announced new religious freedom training programs for foreign service officers."

"On July 16, [2019], the State Department placed targeted sanctions on Burmese military officials for their human rights and religious freedom violations committed against the Rohingya Muslim population."

"In August 2019, DOJ filed amicus briefs with the Supreme Court in two important religious liberty cases. R.G & G.R. Harris Funeral Homes, Inc. v. Equal Employment  Opportunity Commission and Bostock v. Clayton County/Altitude Express, Inc. v. Zarda. Through these filings, DOJ advanced a biologically binary definition of sex and those who operate accordingly, whether because of science or religious belief."

"On August 15, [2019], the Department of Labor (DOL) proposed a new regulation that would clarify the scope and application of religious exemptions for federal contractors. Under the Obama administration, the scope of religious exemption at the DOL was severely narrowed. The current DOL relied on the history of our nation's preservation of religious liberty, the First Amendment and Supreme Court decisions to re-invigorate the exemption to its historical and constitutional parameters."

"On August 28, [2019], the HHS OCR issued a notice of violation to the University of Vermont Medical Center for forcing a nurse to participate in an abortion despite a conscience objection. This marks the third time that the HHS Religious Freedom Division under President Trump has investigated a conscience complaint related to participating in or promoting abortion."

"On September 10, [2019], the State Department placed targeted sanctions on Russian officials for their religious freedom violations and torture of Jehovah's Witnesses."

"On September 23, [2019], President Trump hosted a meeting during the U.N. General Assembly and have a speech solely on the topic of religious freedom. During the speech, he announced a U.S. policy initiative to protect places of worship, pledging an additional $25 million in funding to protect religious sites and relics. President Trump also announced the U.S. would form a coaltion within the business community to protect religious freedom. This is the first time a U.S president has hosted a meeting focused solely on religious freedom at the UN."

"On September 24, [2019], President Trump discussed the need to protect religious freedom during his UN General Assembly speech, in which he also discussed China and Iran - two major violaters of religious freedom."

"On October 07, [2019], the Department of Commerce blacklisted 28 Chinese companies whose surveillance technology products are used to systematically oppress and control - and violate the religious freedom - of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang, China."

"On October 11, [2019], Attorney General Barr delivered a striking defense of religious liberty at Notre Dame Law School. He noted, "[t]he imperative of protecting religious freedom was not just a nod in the direction of piety. It reflects the Framers belief that religion was indispensable to sustaining our free system of government." The Attorney General proceeded to remind the audience that religion gives us the "right rules to live by." Barr highlighted the recent attacks on religious liberty, and that the DOJ under his leadership has been fighting back and protecting religious liberty."

"On November 19, [2019], HHS isssued a rule removing burdensome requirements that all grantees, including those that are faith-based, must accept same-sex marriages and profess gender identity as valid in order to be eligible to participate in grant programs. This included the adoption and foster care space, where these requirements had been used to shut down faith-based providers of foster care and adoption."

"On November 27, [2019], President Trump signed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act into law, which affirms Hong Kong's semi-autonomous status and protects against Chinese government encroachment, which is a threat to Hong Kong's religious freedom."

"On December 19, [2019], the Treasury Department sanctioned two Iranian judges responsible for human rights violations. One of the judges was known to violate the rights of Iran's Christian and Baha'i religious minority communities."

"On January 16, [2020], the Departments of Education and Justice issued guidance on constitutionally protected prayer and religious expression in public elementary and secondary schools. This guidance ensures that prayer in schools in properly protected and not unconstitutionally prohibited or curtailed."

"On January 16, [2020], the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) sent a memo to the heads of executive departments and agencies providing guidance on Executive Order (EO) 13798 "Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty." In order to protect the ability of religious organizations to operate in the public square, this memo required the agencies to review the EO and publish policies on how they comply."

"On January 17, [2020], nine federal agencies (the Departments of Agriculture, Education, Homeland Security, Veterans Affairs, Justice, Labor, Health and Human Services, and Housing and Urban Development along with the U.S. Agency for International Development) proposed rules leveling the playing field for faith-based organizations wishing to participate in grant programs or become a contractor. The rules eliminated two requirements placed on faith-based organizations that were not placed on secular organizations."

"On January 24, [2020], President Trump became the first sitting president to give remarks in person at the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. In his address he stated the eternal truth that every child is a sacred gift from God and reiterated his effort to defend the dignity and sanctity of every human life." (EF19L01.pdf from Family Research Council)

"Also on January 24, HHS Secretary Alex Azar announced live at Family Research Council's ProLifeCon event that HHS issued a notice of violation of California for violating the federal Weldon Amendment by mandating all health insurers provide coverage for abortion. California's abortion coverage mandate has deprived over 28,000 residents of plans that do not cover abortion. This marks the second time that HHS has issued a notice of violation to California for violating federal conscience laws and is the fourth enforcement action taken by the HHS OCR's Conscience and Religious Freedom Division."

"In February [2020], the Trump administration filled the role of Special Adviser to the President on International Religious Freedom within the National Security Council. This role was authorized by the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998, but has remained unfilled for over 20 years since that law's enactment. President Trump is the first president to dedicate a full-time staffer to this role and fill it on a permanent basis."

"On February 05, [2020], Secretary of State Mike Pompeo launched the International Religious Freedom Alliance. The Alliance will unite government leaders from like-minded nations to strategize ways to promote religious freedom and protect religious minorities around the world."

"On April 02, [2020], U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback held a special briefing. He called upon China, North Korea, Iran, and Russia to release their prisoners of conscience in light of the contagious coronavirus. Many of these prisoners were imprisoned for their religious faith."

"On April 03, [2020], the Small Business Administration (SBA) issued a FAQ document confirming that churches and religious nonprofits are eligible for assistance like the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) in the coronavirus relief legislation knowns as the CARES Act. These clarifying protections ensure organizations would not be discriminated against based on their religious affiliation and would not have to give up their religious freedom in order to participate in these programs."

"On April 14, [2020], DOJ filed a statement of interest protecting the religious liberty of church-goers in Greenville, Mississippi. During the coronavirus pandemic, the city of Greenville banned all religious services, even those that were able to abide by social distancing standards with drive-in-church services."

"On April 17, [2020], the Department of Homeland Security included "clergy for essential support" in its list of personnel and entities deemed "essential" for purposes of responding to the coronovirus. This designation allows clergy and pastors more freedom to continue to operate and serve those around them in need at this time."

"On April 27, [2020], Attorney General William Barr directed federal prosecutors to monitor and, if necessary, take action to correct state and local policies that discriminate against religious institutions and believers while battling the coronavirus pandemic."

"On May 03, [2020], DOJ filed a statement of interest supporting the religious freedom of Lighthouse Fellowship Church in Chincoteague Island, Virginia. After the church held a 16-person worship service on Palm Sunday (following strict social distancing protocols), a criminal citation and summons were issued against the pastor pursuant to Governor Ralph Northam's executive order which banned in-person religious services but allowed large gatherings for businesses like liquor stores and dry cleaners."

"As of May 12, [2020], the Trump administration has overseen the confirmation of 193 federal judges, including two Supreme Court justices and 51 federal appeals court judges. Counting seven other judicial confirmations for roles outside the federal court system, President Trump has confirmed 200 judges so far during his time in office. An overwhelming number of President Trump's judicial nominees have been constitutional originalists, who will interpret the law as written, rather than interpret it according to their personal policy preferences. As judges, these nominees will rule correctly on religious liberty and pro-life issues."

"On May 15, [2020], the DOL issued guidance implementing the administration's Religious Liberty Executive Order and the DOJ religious liberty guidance. The DOL guidance also cited to the OMB memo from earlier this year which directed all grant-administering agencies to detail how they will protect religious liberty in the context of such grants, and included specific actions steps to ensure that religious liberty is protected."

"On June 02, [2020], President Trump signed an Executive Order on Advancing International Religious Freedom, which recognized the promotion of international religious freedom as a moral and national security imperative for the United States."

"On June 30, [2020], the White House released a statement praising the Supreme Court ruling on Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue. This ruling is a victory for religious freedom, ensuring that religious schools are not discriminated against in state voucher programs."

"On July 08, [2020], HHS Secretary Alex Azar issued a statement celebrating the Supreme Court ruling in Little Sisters of the Poor v. Pennsylvania. The ruling upheld the Trump administration's expansion of religious freedom protections under the Affordable Care Act's contraception mandate."

"On July 09, [2020], the Treasury Department sanctioned four current or former Chinese government officials and one Chinese government entity for their abuses against Uyghur Muslim minority in China."

"On July 21, [2020], OCR resolved a religious discrimination complaint against the Prince George's Hospital Center of the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS). Because of COVID-19 restrictions, the hospital denied a patient's request to have a Catholic priest visit the hospital to provide spiritual care. OCR worked with the hospital system to revise their visitor's policy to allow religious visitations during pandemic."

"On July 31, [2020], the Treasury Department sanctioned a Chinese paramilitary organization in connection to their human rights abuses against Uyghur Muslims in China."

"On September 08, [2020], DOJ filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court of Indiana in support of the Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis' right protected by the First Amendment to "decide for itself who should personify its beliefs, inculcate its teachings, and instruct students at religious high scholls affiliated with the Archdiocese."

"On September 09, [2020], the Department of Education published a final rule on "Improving  Free Inquiry, Transparency, and Accountability at Colleges and Universities." This rule makes clear that First Amendment rights are to be upheld on campuses. It provides colleges and universities controlled by religious organizations with guidance on how to protect religious freedom in the context of Title IX. The rule also levels the playing field for religious groups on campuses and upholds their right to assemble and free speech."

"On September 14, [2020], U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) issued five withold release orders on a number of Chinese companies in order to prevent products known to be made through forced labor by Uyghur Muslims from entering the U.S."

 "On September 22, [2020], President Trump addressed the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly. In his speech, the president highlighted his administration's commitment to advancing religious liberty, protecting unborn children, and combating human trafficking." (EF19L01.pdf from Family Research Council)

"On September 26, [2020], President Trump nominated constitutional originalist Judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg's vacant seat on the Supreme Court."

"On September 30, [2020], Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke in Rome, Italy, at a Symposium with the Holy See on advancing and defending religious freedom through diplomacy."

"On October 02, [2020], DOJ filed a statement of interest in federal court supporting Capitol Hill Baptist Church's lawsuit against DC Mayor Muriel Bowser "arguing the Constitution and federal law require the District of Columbia to accomodate Capitol Hill Baptist Church's effort to hold worship services outdoors, at least to the same extent the District of Columbia allows other forms of outdoor First Amendment activity, such as peaceful protests."

"On October 20, [2020], HHS OCR resolved two religious discrimination complaints involving hospital policies that restricted clergy access to patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. The first involved a Maryland hospital's policy that denied a new mother's request to have her son baptized because she had tested positive for COVID-19. The other case involved a Virginia hospital's policy that prohibited a Catholic priest from administering last rites to a COVID-19 positive patient who was in an end of life situation. Both policies have been updated to ensure that religious freedom is not diminished at the expense of public health policies."

When I have read everything the Trump administration has done for religious liberty and freedom, I am just awestruck and reminded of King Cyrus from the Bible. King Cyrus did so much for the Jews. President Trump has done so much for religious freedom. Just as the Lord Jesus used King Cyrus to help the Jews, I believe the Lord Jesus is using Trump to help with religious liberty and freedom in the USA and across the world.

Isn't that exciting?

You can continue the religious liberties and freedoms of Americans and people all over the world by voting for President Trump this Tues, Nov 03, 2020. President Trump did what even Obama-Biden administration could not do, that is weakening and almost erasing ISIS.

Don't let everything that has been accomplished erased by a Biden-Harris ticket. You can stop that! Yes, you can! Let your vote count if you have not voted yet.

Don't waste your vote and sit out this election as some who resist Trump want you to do.

Trump and his administration have been the most advocate for religious liberties and freedom!

In a 4 days, I don't know if the Lord will be pleased to give Trump another 4 years or will remove him from power. I pray the Lord will keep him in power only if it is His will.

"For promotion and power come from nowhere on earth, but only from God. He promotes one and deposes another." (Psalm 75:6-7, TLB)

What does it mean for Trump this election of 2020?

That is up to the Lord! If the Lord wants him to win, he will win. If the Lord wants him to lose, he will lose. Whatever the outcome, He allows it for His purposes. I hope it would please the Lord to allow him to win because of many of his polices especially regarding the unborn and religious freedom, but that is up to the Lord.

The Lord uses His people to accomplish His means. He wants us to do our part and leave the the results in the Lord's hands.

Will you join me in voting for Trump to protect religious liberties and religious freedom?

It is important to remember that voting for Trump does not mean you approve of his personality but you stand with those that are for religious liberty and freedom.

What do I say to those that say that Trump is a con-artist who is duping the Evangelical community to get their votes as a wolf in sheep's clothing?

Actions speak louder than words for me. I see what Trump has done for religious liberty and freedom and so have you in this article.

Even if Trump has been doing everything for his selfish gain including pleasing the Evangelical community with his policies, I am reminded of the Scripture passage that talks about the Gospel going out.

"Some, of course, are preaching the Good News because they are jealous of the way God has used me. They want reputations as fearless preachers!  And some preach to make me jealous, thinking that their success will add to my sorrows here in jail! But whatever their motive for doing it, the fact remains that the Good News about Christ is being preached, and I am glad." (Philippians 1:15, 17-18, TLB)

In the same way, whatever people say Trump's motives are, the fact of the matter is that Trump has been the most vocal protector of religious liberty and religious freedom for Evangelical Christians, Muslims, etc here in America and all over the world.

In closing, I want to say, "Unless the Lord builds the house, our toiling is in vain!" (Psalm 127:1, TLB)

Trump will only win if the Lord allows him to win! Let us pray for Trump, doing our part and vote for him leaving the results in the Lord's precious hands!

Reddy's Right Rhetoric takes you into the world of religious liberties and religious freedom where religious rights reassured became religious rights restored!


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