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 “Seek Simmon's Farm For Fresh, Amazing Apples! 

Kristen Agnew
Senior Staff Writer


Discovering farmers markets in Pittsburgh doesn't take more than visiting the Strip District or your local neighborhood on certain days of the week.

What about going to where the produce grows and picking it yourself?

This fall, a group of us took a trip to Simmons Farm and discovered a great way to eat local, fresh produce.

Overlooking the beautiful hillsides of Western PA, Simmons' apple trees are abundantly ripe, come the end of September and October. Choose between Rome, Empire, Jonagold, and both Golden and Red Delicious varieties to bake, eat fresh, or dehydrate.

At $9 a peck, we took home our money's worth! The farm gives visitors a bag to measure our harvest, and it holds more than expected. (By the way, a peck is 2 gallons. Sorry, no pickled peppers here, Peter.)

Quick tips on apple-picking at Simmons:
-Empire is delicious when eaten fresh!

-Rome's texture makes it best for baking.
-Jonagolds, slightly smaller than Red Delicious and Rome, are a good way to fill in the empty bag space (and later, apple pie)!
-Washing the tree-picked apples before eating is recommended.
-Check out the free apples at the storefront!

Hayrides are other fun activities at Simmons Farm for individuals, groups of friends and families. Combine a hayride with pumpkin-picking, or call in advance to schedule an evening bonfire and s'mores. 

Near the on-site store, the petting zoo, free apple cider, and cornpit (not a sandpit: imagine thousands of corn kernels!) entertained kids and us adults all afternoon.

To enjoy Simmons Farm or learn more about what they offer year-round, visit:

170 Simmons Rd
McMurray, PA 15317
(724) 941-5138


All photos by Ramesh C. Reddy

Kristen Agnew Lippert is a senior staff writer for Pittsburgh Standard and also serves as the staff advisor for the student organization of Pittsburgh Standard.

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