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BEST OF 2001-2002 

BEST OF 2002-2003


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Keep the Reagan legacy alive by voting for President Bush this November

Ramesh C. Reddy
Pittsburgh Standard

Our former president Ronald Reagan went to his homecoming to be with the Lord on Sat, June 05. Reagan left a legacy behind and helped change not only the world but America itself. Reagan was a devout Christian even though he did not always wear it on his shoulder. If there was a president with conservative ideals, I cannot think of anyone better than Reagan.

To my delight we currently have President George Bush running the country who seems to follow in Reagan’s footsteps more than his own father’s footsteps. Bush is a Conservative Christian who has emphasized compassionate Conservatism. This is great but it could be in danger in November.

As Bush is running for re-election, he is opposed by Presidential candidate John Kerry who is the most Liberal candidate I can think of next to Senator Ted Kennedy (D).

If we want to keep the Reagan legacy alive and what he stood for we should not hesitate but vote for Bush this coming November. Bush is the one that will take this nation in the right direction as he openly depends on the Lord Jesus Christ for guidance.

He is the president that has already signed the partial birth abortion ban into law, he is the president that took us through the tragic days of 9-11, he is the president that started the Homeland Security Department, he is the president that liberated Afghanistan from the tyranny of the Taliban, he is the president that freed the Iraqi people from the brutal tyranny of Saddam Hussein and he is the president that has done so many other good things for America and the world.

President Bush is in Europe celebrating the 60th anniversary of D-Day with world leaders. One day we will celebrate the capture of Usama-Bin Laden and the stability of Iraq among many other things. To do this we need Bush in office again.

No administration can be perfect but Bush is trying his best to serve you all and do right for America. He has a wonderful administration serving him and we will lose his administration if Kerry is brought to the White House.

Keep the Reagan legacy alive and vote for President Bush this November. May the Lord bless you all!

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