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BEST OF 2002-2003


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Pitt should be proud denying same-sex benefits

Ramesh C. Reddy
Pittsburgh Standard

The University of Pittsburgh administration has done the right thing to deny same-sex benefits to homosexual partners. It is a shame that our nation has gone this low that we are willing to accept homosexuality to the point we want to give them benefits.

Giving them same-sex benefits acknowledges what they are doing is not wrong when in fact it is. Whatever religion you look into, you will never find homosexuality condoned in any of their religious books.

This nation was founded on Judea-Christian principles and has its foundation on the Word of God. The Bible clearly forbids homosexuality. Pitt’s decision may not be because they have looked to the Bible but they still are making the right decision.

Benefits are supposed to be for heterosexual married couples and not anyone who lives together including heterosexual couples. There are advantages of getting married and to give non-married couple the same benefits as married couples does not seem right.

Same-sex partners argue that it is illegal for them to marry in Pennsylvania so they cannot get benefits. That’s the way life goes for some advantages are offered to only heterosexual married couples. There is a reason why homosexual marriages are illegal in Pennsylvania. It goes against common law, tradition, and the Word of God. To allow benefits is making a mockery of those who are married.

There are those institutes of higher learning in Pennsylvania that offer same-sex benefits but that does not make what they are doing right. It boggles my mind how homosexuality is still accepted. It is wrong and should not be accepted. This is not to say that we hate homosexuals. On the contrary, we love the person and hate the sin.

People have changed from what they have been and homosexuals can change with the Word of God and live a heterosexual life. If in doubt, they only need to look to testimonies from people who are and have been in Exodus International. The struggle against homosexuality is not wrong but acting on it is. But the Good News is that Jesus can forgive us no matter how many times we mess up, when we turn to Him and ask Him to help us. A contrite and broken heart the Lord will not ignore!

Pitt is going in the right direction regardless of the money it has cost them in court battles. They have my vote!

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