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Privacy or perversion in the bedroom

Joe B
Pittsburgh Standard

  Of all the special interest groups in this country, the most dangerous, the most intrusive, the most capable of destroying Judeo-Christian culture and above it all, the most paradoxical, is the unholy alliance of perverts and sexual deviants that scream about "the right of
privacy" on one hand, then proclaim, with very loud voices, their bedroom antics on the other.

Tell me, how a group can claim privacy as a right, and yet base its existence upon the details of what is done behind that barrier of "privacy."

A close interpretation of the Constitution reveals no "right to privacy."

This was merely a device that has enabled the slaughter of millions of innocent lives over the past thirty years. Now, it is set to usher in the
utter devastation of our culture, with a two pronged attack, by which the special rights of a wealthy micro-minority trump (and destroy) the
fundamental rights of citizenship in this country.

The attempted annihilation of GOD and all his influence in this nation is well underway. From the removal of Ten Commandments (which are posted
above the Supreme Court, in the very chamber where they hold hearings) to the undermining of social mores, by mocking the meaning of marriage and instilling an even greater sense of debauchery within the culture.

All told, the flexing of cultural Marxists have produced troubling results. But the intent is worse: the targeting of Our CREATOR and the
keystone of a traditional, Judeo-Christian culture can only be imposed to one end: the destruction of freedom and the implementation of a Communist
(i.e. Atheist) state.

As if socialism itself weren't a man made hell on earth, those cultural Marxists spout inanities and demand more than their fair share  - while
denying the real rights to the real representations of society, all the while bemoaning some sense of 'social justice' which they and they alone can recognize, distribute and empower.

We must be careful, however, in battle. To match religion with pseudo-religion (or anti-religion, which is the utter aim of this movement, not some benign agnosticism or tolerant atheism, but an
imposition of the utter destruction of GOD, no matter the Constitutional rights of religion, speech and all that.

Our rights are guaranteed and Constitutionally "endowed by our CREATOR."

In this twisted world, we find that evil is envious of our rights, that power secured by our US Constitution, and is sidestepping the direct
assault upon those rights in order to destroy, and ultimately erase, GOD himself. Without the foundation of GOD, we have no rights but those given by the state. And the state, my friends, is controlled by the GODless.

Privacy is just one more code word on the spiraling path to a black hole.


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